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I love Summer! I love the warm weather, the sunshine, and long summer days. This summer, my goal is to spend more time reading. Several things have really helps me focus on getting my pages in :-)

1. I've tried to set aside time to read each day. This gives me something to look forward to.

2. Although I really love reading actual books, I am also carrying my kindle with me. I love our Tablet Sleeve. It's so cute and fits right into my bag. So when I have free time, say waiting for my son to finish practice, I can just pull the tablet right out of the sleeve. This way I can protect my book pages and they don't get bent while in my bag.

3. I look for places to read that make me happy and relaxed. Lately, our front porch and sunroom have been my favorite spots.

4. I'm switching it up a bit by reading different genres. It keeps things interesting.

5. I'm learning to listen to audiobooks more. This has also allowed me to read along with our son. In the car is always good.


Hope these tips give you some inspiration.  What are some of the books you are reading this summer? Let me know and I will add them to the list.


Live Completely ~ Linell


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