Think Pink!

Linell Jackson

Posted on April 13 2018

Spring has finally shown her face and the weather is slowly warming. We see the landscape all around us blossoming and it feels good. We love to feel that way and what else could make us feel good other than the color PINK. 
The red mixed with white shade has become associated with various movements such as, Breast Cancer Awareness, but there is a deeper meaning. The color pink represents the giving and receiving of love, the compassion, the sensual without the aggression. It makes you feel giddy and consumed with a universal love. 

Joyce Bucket Bag- Hot Pink

Pink oozes positivity, charm and friendly-ness, which are all part of the Linell Ellis woman. We cannot wait to see you in our leather Joyce Bucket Bag in Hot Pink. Pull this bad little staple out and you can accomplish any day. Its the perfect size for more or less. And if you still want to wait to carry pink until the weather really breaks, then accessorize your afternoon brunch or Happy Hour with our Linell Ellis leather coasters in Pink. These are sure to get a nod and a smile from guests. 


Whatever you do this spring, stop and smell the roses and get into some Pink. 


Live Completely!

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