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I love summer! Everything about summer! The sun and warm weather make me happy. I look forward to longer days and more sunlight.  I have been receiving deliveries from  From the Farmer DC for almost 3 years.  I absolutely love them. Fresh locally grown food delivered directly to my door every week.  This week the sweetest strawberries were in the bag.  When I opened the bag, the aroma just hit my nose.  I smiled and took a few deep breathes.  I knew exactly what was inside. They were a bright, deep red and totally delicious. 
When I think about what makes me happy, I focus on things that create long lasting memories. I try to etch the moment into my mind and heart forever. I am always on a quest to experience new things. Is there something about summer that you love? Is there an experience you look forward to?  Let me know, I'd love to add a new experience to my list.
Live Completely,
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