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Linell Jackson

Posted on May 12 2015

written by melanie:
We have been following Beverly Beal’s Instagram page for a while and have been in love with her style from day one. From head to toe, with picture perfect hair down to the most appropriate shoe ware Beverly delivers. To top it off, Beverly has a blog called “Life in Beverly Heels” where she shares all her styling tips, advice and even awesome beauty secrets. 
Coming from Detroit, Beverly currently resides in Atlanta, where she is fully enjoying the fashion scene as well as the entrepreneurial spirit of the people, in particular the women of the area. “Atlanta is a place where you can literally start from the bottom and put in the work and come out on top”, says Beverly and with that she created her blog about a year ago, with the one-year anniversary coming at the end of June. She started her blog for the most obvious reason; her love of fashion. She wanted to create a space with a street-style feel where she could share this love, her thoughts and ideas, with others and make connections with those who shared her passion. The blog is a true hit as its kind of a lifestyle blog from the point of view of being in Beverly’s heels…. how clever and cute!!
With her self-dubbed style being a “modern minimalist”, Beverly is certainly no stranger to fashion. Prior to her starting her blog and currently still, she is the owner of “Loved Labels”, a luxury designer online consignment store. It is a place where you can shop, sell, and rent luxury items in one beautiful simple site. Even though her personal fashion style is ever evolving, Beverly always includes a classic piece and makes an easy ensemble. “Although I always love what's trending I try to incorporate new trends but still keep my style simple. Fashion speaks all languages, touches all backgrounds, and expands to all walks of life. I absolutely love that.” That is the most satisfying part of blogging and running her business. The biggest motivation in Beverly’s life is her mother. She gets her spirit from her and aspires to be like her. “My mom runs four businesses and still has time to look beautiful, travel, and inspire others in our community. That is everything I want to embody, she is a constant reminder of what I work so hard for.”
At the moment, this avant-garde woman, has three favorite go to’s in her closet. The first item is a staple piece; her Chanel handbag. Beverly believes in a handbag you must look for quality as “having a quality handbag doesn't mean it has to be very expensive because expensive doesn't necessarily mean it's of good quality. When I purchase bags I want to know how is the wear and tear, how durable it is, and does it clean well. I pay close attention to the fabric used, the extra details, and if the bag has versatility.” We absolutely agree! The second item is her Jimmy Choo Gladiator sandals, which she loves so much so that she says some of her other shoes are beginning to collect dust. We can totally relate to having a favorite!! Last but most certainly not least and truly endearing is her gold “Beverly” bracelet that she purchased in the era of the Carrie Bradshaw reign.
If you visit her blog you will not be let down one bit. You can spend quite some time there being fancied by all her ideas and what she shares. People would be surprised this is the same phenomenal lady who is a sci-fi, zombie lover, war & history buff that also holds a law degree amongst other degrees. We truly love what she has to offer and she too enjoys our brand. “Linell Ellis has actually been on my radar from some time. I would always see it on Blue Fly, but like any other online shopper you’re hesitant on purchasing new brands online. But I've always liked the simple style clutches and especially the Theresa Cork Tote. I am an official Linell Ellis handbag lover.”
Live Completely!  

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