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Linell Jackson

Posted on July 29 2015

This beauty is totally in the know…. that is the best way to sum up Ms. Demitra Psyhogyiou. Apart from her ultra sweet demeanor, this lady has style. Currently, Demitra blogs from Greece on Instagram daily about fashion, beauty and in the moment, avant garde goodies. 
Demitra styled our Leopard Satchel with simple jean shorts, a statement tee and added cute summer heels with wide frame exaggerated sunglasses. “The new beautiful addition to my handbags' collection is the Leopard satchel. I was impressed by the high craftmanship, the details and high quality. The design is so versatile I can already forsee it becoming a staple in my wardrobe!” We love how she used it as a standout piece with her casual outfit. Demitra also featured the bag as something she uses everyday along with other morning rituals including ice cold coffee and aromatic parfum. “I strongly believe that investing in a quality handbag is the key trick which can elevate even the simplest look.” Its a no wonder she made it a go to, everyday bag.
When asked about her sense of style she described it as a “multi-style”, meaning she likes to mix and match styles in balance. “ I choose whatever intrigues me and try to combine it in harmony.” On her Instagram blog you can visually get a feel for her fashion sense. Her photographs show so much personality all while featuring accessories and/or products that she herself uses and would absolutely recommend. She randomly started blogging on IG about a year ago to express and experiment with her opinions and photography. The feedback she received motivated her to use the page more in the form of a visual diary. The most satisfying part for Demitra is,  “interacting with people all around the world and feeling like you belong in a big family. There are many people that I have never met in person but we stay connected via Instagram, and I feel blessed for that!”
You can see from her visual diary that Demitra loves her country and is proud to be from Greece. Her beautiful photos show her style and versatility. She loves Athens weather a lot and the sun, which is a great motivator in many of her pictures alongside with her dreams, ambitions, and hopes that a better day is always ahead. Living by the words “Hic et nunc”, which is the latin motto for being present and feeling everything, satisfying your desires here and now, Demitra is truly a great example of a woman of her word. People would be surprised to know, “That even though I am Greek, I don't drink ouzo, eat mouzaka or tan easily!” Ouzo is a classic Greek drink made from pressed grapes and herbs and berries including aniseed, licorice, mint, wintergreen, fennel and hazelnut. Mouzaka is a traditional Greek dish similar to a meat pie.
Log onto Instagram today and search @demitra_ps or go directly to her page and get lost in her gorgeous photos and take her up on some fashion recommendations. Either way you will not be disappointed.
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