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Posted on June 13 2015

Connie Tang, a Silicon Valley UI/UX Web Interface Designer as well as fashion and lifestyle blogger, is another wonderful example of the type of woman the Linell Ellis Handbag brand embodies. Living in Silicon Valley, it is no surprise that she is into the tech world as she began her career path at Apple and Google. “I love the diversity in people and food, and how Silicon Valley is so high-tech and innovative. On a daily basis, you will probably see a self-driving car, a lot of people with smart watches, and uniscooters,” dishes Connie. That being said, you can just imagine the different styles and trends she sees day in and out. 
She started her fashion and lifestyle blog, on her 24th birthday and has been blogging for a little over 2 years. “I initially started the blog as a fashion creative outlet, but it has since evolved to a lifestyle blog. My other half and I spend our nights and weekends brainstorming about where, what, and how we want to shape the next post. It is a really fun process that brings us ever closer together,” says Connie. The most satisfying part of blogging is all of the new friends that she has made along the way. “I never imagined that everyone would be so supportive and loving. It has given me a more positive outlook on my life.”
With Connie’s motivation always being her desire to step out into the big world and make an impact, you can see on her blog that she takes the time to give her viewers what they want. We love the fact that she gives  “steal vs. splurge” options for everything styled on her blog. Being a self-titled “uber style hunter”, Connie has one rule, “If possible, to never buy anything full-priced and to never pay for shipping. My sister and I always have friendly competitions on who can find the better deal, and my friends know me as the go-to person for deals.”
Her style is constantly evolving and flowing organically with her moods, the seasons, new trends and cool, cute finds. To summarize it, Connie would say her style is “feminine and trendy with some spunk.” When it comes to handbags in particular, she feels that a person should find a handbag that expresses their style and mood. We had to know which Linell Ellis Handbag was her favorite and she told us, “I adore the Nikki Floral clutch, it is perfect for summer and the colors are so fun! I love brands that make high quality, stylish, but most importantly functional handbags, and that is what Linell Ellis has accomplished with their clutches. They are not too big or small, they fit everything I need for a daily outing!” We are blushing!!
Please give Connie a friendly hello as you are going through her blog, (yes with 3 n’s) and enjoying the awesome pairings she puts together. We love seeing the Floral Clutch that she has styled. We are so excited to see what else she comes up with and today we leave you with Connie's words of advice, “Have courage and be kind. -Cinderella”
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